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Friday, 10 August 2012

Feedback ex -smoker

After 38 years of being a smoker

and having used Zyban and failed thanks to Sam and his stop smoking CD I am now a non smoker.

Wendy Grant

Friday, 14 October 2011

why use a hypnosis download

Hypnosis and ipods the old and the new
Hypnosis downloads

We live in the age of the ipod. Hypnosis has been around for as long time and is the perfect product as a download. Within 30 minutes of downloading you can be a non-smoker.

Many people lead busy lives and often cannot get to sessions or afford sessions. Some don’t want to see a hypnotherapist after seeing a stage show.

A hypnosis download from hypnotictracks has been crafted from 20 years of hypnotherapy sessions with clients and based on established tried and tested routines.
With a coaching package offering full support, a hypnosis download can be as close as you can get to a session or even better with out paying anywhere near the fees charged.

A good hypnosis download will have a mixed induction routine so to be effective for those that use it. For those that aren’t into MP3s a CD version is available.

A hypnosis download can cover just about anything from stop smoking,to weight loss, and anxiety to public speaking and sports.

Quality hypnosis downloads will be backed up by testimonials and a money back guarantee to provide complete peace of mind with a try- before- you- buy free hypnosis download, so a purchase of a hypnosis download is absolutely risk free.

A hypnosis download is a mix between the old and the very knew.

Sam Weller

Some feedback

"Hi Sam,
I’ve been using some of the downloadable MP3s from your site for the last few weeks now and thought I’d drop you a line to let you know how I’m getting on.
The ‘Achieve your Goals’ and ‘Anxiety’ downloads are the two that I’m using the most and I believe the effect they have had has been profound.
I feel so much more focused than ever before and know that I shall continue to use them for a very long time.

Thank you Sam, I shall keep you in touch with my progress.

Stef Thomas
Regional Leader 4N Networking

Friday, 27 August 2010

Hypnotherapy for stop smoking

Along with anxiety and weight loss the most common booking.

So how does it work? Firstly a very strong desire factor to become a non-smoker must be in place. What we call “readiness for change”. It is important to test that desire factor because if it does not work, you as the hypnotherapist get the blame. Good news does not always travel, bad news almost certainly does.

Terms of business will also establish working patterns, timescales, and payment structure. This is upfront for 3 sessions. If someone quibbles then the commitment is not there. Best not to take them on.

First session breaks the habit, the following two is changing over to non –smoker, stopping is not enough.

Positive programming works best on the emotion that it feels good not to smoke in any given situation, as opposed to feeling deprived.

I do not practise single session stop smoking hypnotherapy with guarantees throw in and fancy success rates.

After all who independently monitors the “success rates" and for how long? Alan Car stated a 90% success rate based on a refund rate of 10% hardly the same thing.

Stress plays a big part in why people smoke, and why they go back to smoking.

In my experience smokers come in three categories

Ritual-likes a cigarette in the evening with a drink

Habitual-light up when they wake up in the morning, drink, without even thinking.

Addiction -addicted to nicotine and must smoke to satisfy the carvings

Smoking is highly addictive a couple of puffs and you could be off again; therefore social smoking is not an option. All or nothing you either smoke or you do not. Simple.

Many have used patches, nicotine replacement therapy, gum, zyban, champix, and good old-fashioned will power. Some have stopped usually will power.

However if your feelings are working for you then they are giving you an edge.

Post hypnotic triggers can help if somebody has the urge to smoke and a back up CD/MP3 is always handy to have, to keep the positive momentum going without the expense of extra sessions.

A relaxing induction whether it be 1to 1, CD/MP3 also helps to counter stress.

Sam Weller


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wellerassociates are now introducing live online interactive hypnotherapy sessions for clients and students.

It is a very simple process first we need what the session is required for and what day and time you require the session.Before the session we will send you a link.
Once you have connected to the link we are ready to run the session.

You will see and hear Sam and there is a chatroom for discussion afterwards.

The session will be run exactly the same as a one to one hypnotherapy session.

Payment is made before the session starts by credit card or paypal. (Or in advance by cheque)

Our usual terms of business will apply and be sent in advance.

Fee per session is £35

We are now able to offer a full range of services for clients that wish to use hypnotherapy in the format best suited to them.

· From one to one hypnotherapy £65 per session

· Live Online hypnotherapy sessions £35

· Hypnotictracks downloads £22.50 with full ongoing coaching back up and support

· Basic download £9.99

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Non smokers put on less weight

A new study links nicotine poisoning with weight gain, and concludes tha active smokers, not only those who stop, put on more weight than non-smokers. After four years of analysis in the University of Navarra, those who put on least weight were those who had never smoked.

From now on we will have to question the myth that smoking makes you slimmer. Researchers from the Department of Preventative Medicine at the University of Navarra (UNAV) have evaluated the link between the two cardiovascular risk factors: the "nicotine habit" and the increase in weight when smokers stop the habit and when they continue smoking.

The results, now published in the Revista Española de Cardiología, "are crucial for considering prevention programmes", Francisco Javier Basterra-Gortari, main author of the study and researcher at UNAV, explains to SINC.

The data, resulting from an analysis of 7565 people over 50 months, is based on age, sex, initial body mass index and lifestyles (sedentarism, changes in physical activity, energy/fibre intake, snacks between meals and consumption of fizzy drinks, fast food and alcohol).

Weight gain in people who stopped smoking during the study was higher the more cigarettes they smoked a day when the investigation began. Those who continued smoking also gained more weight during this period than the non-smokers.

The authors confirm that nicotine addiction is not an effective way of preventing obesity. "In fact the increase is demonstrated, especially inex-smokers and in smokers who continue" highlights Basterra-Gortari.

A dangerous connection
The association between being overweight and nicotine addiction is especially harmful for cardiovascular health. Therefore, abandoning the nicotine habit has been linked to a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular illnesses and cancer. However, experts argue that weight gain after stopping smoking is, often, a reason for not quitting the nicotine addiction, especially among women.
Most of the investigations that have studied this link have observed that, although there is an increase in weight after stopping smoking, there are notable variations in weight gain.

"In Spain, there are very few studies on this link", concludes the researcher, who believes that "more extensive studies can confirm the results and extrapolate them to other sectors of the population."

Source: Plataforma SINC

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