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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Wellerassociates are now introducing live online interactive hypnotherapy sessions for clients and students.

It is a very simple process first we need what the session is required for and what day and time you require the session.Before the session we will send you a link.
Once you have connected to the link we are ready to run the session.

You will see and hear Sam and there is a chatroom for discussion afterwards.

The session will be run exactly the same as a one to one hypnotherapy session.

Payment is made before the session starts by credit card or paypal. (Or in advance by cheque)

Our usual terms of business will apply and be sent in advance.

Fee per session is £35

We are now able to offer a full range of services for clients that wish to use hypnotherapy in the format best suited to them.

· From one to one hypnotherapy £65 per session

· Live Online hypnotherapy sessions £35

· Hypnotictracks downloads £22.50 with full ongoing coaching back up and support

· Basic download £9.99